The benefits of a wireless security system

    It’s more secure with a cellular connection

    Our systems are fast and reliable, enabling real-time awareness and alerts from your home, and combating many of the vulnerabilities you’ll find on other types of systems (such as cut cable lines).

    It’s easier to install with faster support

    Our huge selection of security panels are easy to install, and often times you can use the existing sensors from an old system. If you do need new sensors, you won’t need to run wires through your home.

    It’s flexible and versatile

    Because wireless sensors are easy to move (and add), you can use them to keep track of all sorts of unique things around your home, with real-time alerts that keep you aware of what’s happening.

    It’s easy to expand your system

    As your family grows and changes, your needs change too. Our wireless technology is portable, flexible, and adapts to you. For instance, if you’re traveling often and need to hire a pet sitter, it’s simple to add a smart lock to let them come and go.

    Why choose Envision?

    • We’re #1 in the state of Arizona.
    •  We’re licensed, bonded and insured in Arizona.
    •  We use the highest rated products in the industry.
    •  We’re a big, little company, offering competitive prices.
    •  Our reputation is at the top of the industry.
    •  Our staff, management, and technicians have over 30 years in the alarm industry.

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