We’ve made it our mission to provide home and business owners with security automation products and services that meet their needs at an affordable price.

We will do anything to earn your trust, and keep our word in all transactions between our customers and our company. Providing protection with peace of mind is our passion and duty. Our reputation is real. Find out why so many people choose Envision to protect their family’s homes and businesses.

Why choose us?

Our Staff

We have friendly, knowledgeable staff who love inspiring, educating, and problem-solving for our customers.


We offer innovative services, such as whole-home control via a smartphone or web-enabled device.

Our Work

We guarantee all our work and products. We provide lifetime warranties, false alarm guarantees, free move certificates, and break-in coverage.

Our Services

We use direct cellular systems to ensure you have the best protection. These are not dependent on landlines, which are easily disabled.

We have superb experience and qualifications.

  • Our staff, management, and technicians have over 30 years in the alarm industry.
  • We hold all proper city and state licenses and insurances for all of Arizona, California, and Denver.
  • We use the highest rated products in the industry.
  • We’re a big, little company, offering the most competitive prices.
  • Our reputation is at the top of the industry, check out our reviews.

Our Core Values

  • Always tell the truth, no matter what.
  • Honorable, reputable, and law-abiding.
  • No money or objects is worth losing trust.
  • Show firm and constant support to Envision.
  • Be reliable every day.
  • Dedication and loyalty to the activity, or job.
  • Devoted, passionate & motivated every day.
  • Take responsibility, finish the job.
  • Be kind and pleasant.
  • Be caring and loving to each other.
  • Highest quality or performance.
  • Be dependable, devoted and reputable.
  • Be able to be trusted, always.
Looks Out
  • Be concerned about the company’s best interest, always.
  • Protect the brand, no matter what.
  • Always care about fellow employees or customers’ best interests.

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